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Foundation Pre-Pour Inspections

Your foundation is the one most important component of your home that if it fails, could cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more.  This is considered a quality control/quality assurance inspection intended to protect your investment.  Most all issues can be avoided with a foundation pre-pour inspection.

Why do I need a foundation pre-pour inspection?  Before the concrete is poured into the forms for your new home, there is a point that if the concrete forms are not square or not level there is a chance to correct it.  Verifying the moisture barrier is properly sealed to prevent moisture wicking its way through the concrete pad is a great way to lessen the chance your flooring does not become moldy.  Making sure that the tension cables or rebar is correctly installed helps to ensure your home is on a great foundation right from the start.

What does a foundation pre-pour inspection include?  The following items are inspected:

 Grade beams are measured and compared with engineering specifications.

For post-tension foundations, tensioning cables and associated components are checked for proper installation.

For structural slabs, rebar is checked for correct placement, size, and installation.

Moisture barrier is checked for proper sealing around plumbing penetrations.

Forms are checked for levelness and to ensure they are not out of square.

Verification of plumbing sleeves are in place and protective material is coating is in place on plumbing and electrical penetrations.

Plumbing water lines are checked for leaks with water test set up by plumber.


Why hire us?  First we take the time needed to inspect it right the first time,  We do not rush through inspections to get to the next one.  I am a professional, licensed by the state of Texas as a Professional Inspector.  This statement alone says that the level of knowledge is much greater than a Real Estate Inspector.  A Real Estate Inspector requires about 90 hours of training to obtain a license.  I was required to have about 360 hours.  Back in the late 70's, I was on various construction crews that installed roofing, siding, insulation, additions, electrical wiring, installed doors/windows and much more.  I have never put the hammer down since.  This is over 40 years of actually doing the job, not just studying it.  Monroe Inspections LLC.    Inspected right the first time, every time!

Proper elevations and soil compaction can not be verified by an inspector.  These features require additional specialized licenses.

Make a wise investment by setting a foundation pre-pour inspection before it is too late.

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