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Auxiliary Building  Inspections

Auxiliary buildings include garages, she sheds, garden sheds, pool houses, etc..  In general they are structures not attached to your home sometimes called outbuildings.  These are the buildings where you usually perform specific tasks/hobbies or store your belongings.  I use half of my garage for my office and to wood working masterpieces (at least in  my brain).  Why not protect your belongings  and make sure it is safe for your family/friends to be in them?

What is included in an auxiliary building inspection?  To keep things brief, all the systems that are in the outbuilding are visually inspected.  If there is electricity, it is inspected.  If there is plumbing, it is inspected.  Doors, windows, floors, roofs, siding, and structural components are all inspected as well.  An auxiliary building inspection is pretty much a scaled down home inspection.


How much does a auxiliary building inspection cost?  Being practical, most auxiliary building inspections are at a flat rate but, it does depend on the size.  A 4000 square foot building costs more than a 200 square foot building.  If there is an apartment above a free standing garage, it is another home inspection.

Why hire us?  First we take the time needed to inspect it right the first time,  We do not rush through inspections to get to the next one.  I am a professional, licensed by the state of Texas as a Professional Inspector.  This statement alone says that the level of knowledge is much greater than a Real Estate Inspector.  A Real Estate Inspector requires about 90 hours of training to obtain a license.  I was required to have about 360 hours.  Back in the late 70's, I was on various construction crews that installed roofing, siding, insulation, additions, electrical wiring, installed doors/windows and much more.  I have never put the hammer down since.  This is over 40 years of actually doing the job, not just studying it.  Monroe Inspections LLC.    Inspected right the first time, every time!

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