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Expert HUD 203K Consultant


Monroe Inspections LLC are certified HUD 203k Consultants with experience helping homeowners through the 203K loan process.

The 203K Loan Program was created in 1961 as a way to obtain money to complete necessary repairs and to refinance or purchase a home. As a Federally Certified HUD/FHA 203K Building Consultant, we can advise you on the complicated FHA 203K process and make sure that the required paperwork is filled out and filed correctly so that you can obtain an FHA 203K loan.


Our HUD 203K Consulting Services Include:

Initial Site Visit

  • We’ll provide a thorough initial site inspection to assess work that needs to be completed.

  • We’ll meet with you, the borrower, to learn your ideas and goals for the project.

  • We’ll complete any necessary paperwork needed at this phase of the process.

Work/Lender Write-Up:

  • We will prepare a detailed write-up for the bank or lender that details overall project specifications.

  • We will complete any necessary HUD paperwork.

  • We will prepare packages with the necessary paperwork and deliver it to the lender, borrower and contractor. We’ll include contractor bid packages.


Contractor Selection:

  • You select the contractor for the project. We recommend that you choose an experienced 203K Certified Contractor. At your request, we can recommend contractors we have worked with in the past that is experienced and certified in 203K repairs and understands the processes and needs of renovations under this program.

  • We also advise that you ensure that your lender approves of the contractor you choose, to help avoid any delays in repairs or loan processing.

During Work Completion:

  • We will work directly with your lender and contractor to ensure that you are receiving the quality work that you deserve and that there are sufficient funds to complete the entire project.

  • We will conduct draw inspections to ensure that the work associated with each draw payment has been completed satisfactorily.


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