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Home Inspections


What is a home inspection?  A home inspection is a visual inspection of an existing home.  The only difference between a home inspection and a final inspection is that in a final inspection we visually inspect a newly built home. Home Inspections and final inspections include inspecting the following:


Structural System                                     HVAC System(s)                               Attic Spaces

Electrical System                                      Attached Garage/Car Port              Crawl Spaces

Plumbing System                                      Attached Decks/Balconies              Infrared Evaluation                             

Permanently Installed Appliances         Roofing System                                Flashing System

Foundation                                                 Drains/Vents                                    Ventilation System

Note: Optional inspections are available on request and include the following:

Sprinkler Systems, Auxiliary buildings, Hot Tubs/Pools/Spas and Water Wells.

Note: We will not operate any valves, walk on roof tops where we could possibly damage the roof covering materials due to potential liability and/or safety reasons.  Otherwise, we walk on the roof surfaces to visually inspect everything.

Most inspectors will charge extra for age, distance, crawl spaces, infrared inspections and all kinds of extras.  These inspectors will nickel and dime you to death.  Our charges cover our costs only.

What does an inspector look for?  During a home inspection, we are primarily looking for safety issues that could cause the occupant(s) harm and items that are material defects (will substantially affect the value of the home).  Cosmetic issues are not reported (for example: a stained carpets).  Inspectors do not quote building codes.  We can not quote codes but, we do use the most recent codes to determine what is currently considered safe.  We take the time needed to inspect every aspect of your home.  No rushing through.

I am a Professional Inspector and also certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the largest home inspector association in the world and licensed by the state of Texas by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  Real Estate inspectors must take approximately 90 hours of training to become an inspector and have to work under the supervision of a Professional Inspector.  As a Professional Inspector I took at least 360 hours of training to know as much as I could.  I also have been in the construction trades for over 40 years.  Being a certified infrared inspector provides our clients an extra level of service beyond the minimum standard that the state requires.  We utilize this technology with all home inspections and mold inspections and saves our customers the extra cost.  The extra certifications have allowed me to learn more and become a better inspector.  I have earned the designations of an Infrared Certified® professional, a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI), Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Commercial Inspector (Termite inspector) to name a few.

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