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Commercial Inspections


Commercial inspections are each unique because they represent a large portion of you business community whose functions are extremely diverse.  A flower shop is different from a pawn shop is different from a control panel shop.  The power requirements are different based on the size of the equipment utilized and what they do.  A commercial inspection requires a specialized knowledge and training that can not be taught in a classroom alone.  

What is involved in a commercial inspection?  Structural systems, HVAC systems, Water distribution systems, electrical systems, parking lots, fire exit doors, entry/exit ramps, and roofing systems are all visually inspected.  Infrared cameras may be used for moisture intrusion detection, energy efficiency and electrical component operating temperature fault detection.  Office areas and work areas are visually inspected for safety related issues.  You and your employees  health and safety are the primary purpose for a commercial inspection.  

Why should I have a commercial inspection done?  As a Professional Inspector, my reports are unbiased and honest.  Your interest is who I am looking out for.  If there are problems with your roof, they will be in our report.  You decide what you want to do, not us, not a contractor.  Most contractors will always find reasons to replace/repair something, because it means business for their company.  Sad to say, but it is more true than not.  We have no reason to tell you anything but the honest truth.  We receive nothing beyond our inspection fee, one way or the other.  No motivation except to provide an honest opinion of our observations.

Why hire us?  First we take the time needed to inspect it right the first time,  We do not rush through inspections to get to the next one.  I am a professional, licensed by the state of Texas as a Professional Inspector.  This statement alone says that the level of knowledge is much greater than a Real Estate Inspector.  A Real Estate Inspector requires about 90 hours of training to obtain a license.  I was required to have about 360 hours.  Back in the late 70's, I was on various construction crews that installed roofing, siding, insulation, additions, electrical wiring, installed doors/windows and much more.  I have never put the hammer down since.  This is over 40 years of actually doing the job, not just studying it.  Monroe Inspections LLC.    Inspected right the first time, every time!

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