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I have been swinging a hammer since the late seventies.  I have worked as a roofer, installed siding, electrician, installed insulation, gutters, doors, gutters windows and have built additions, etc..  In that time, I have learned what was right and what was wrong and short cuts cost everybody.  I am sad to say many companies want to save a dollar by taking short cuts and just not doing the job they were hired for.  I picked up a high level of professionalism that says, I say what I do and do what I say.  I do the job I was hired to do.  Learning is a life-long task and I always continue to learn more so I can do my job better.


I am licensed by the state of Texas as a Professional Inspector, Certified Commercial Applicator and a Mold Assessment Consultant.  I am insured and reliable.


As the owners of Monroe Inspections LLC, my lovely wife and I will be the only people with whom you will communicate.  This ensures that you will always be treated with respect.  We will listen to you and treat you like family.  My belief is that when no one is watching, I still do what I say.


Professional Inspector

TREC License Number: 23738


Certified Commercial Applicator

TDA License Number: 0799203

TDA Business License Number: 0814402

Mold Assessment Consultant

TDLR License Number: MAC1620

Texas Real Estate Commission

1700 N. Congress Ave.,Suite 400

Austin, TX 78701


PO Box 12188

Austin, TX 78711-2188

Phone: (512) 936-3000

Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation

920 Colorado

Austin, TX 78701


PO Box 12157

Austin, TX 78711

Phone: (512) 463-6599

Texas Department of Agriculture

1700 N. Congress Ave., 11th Floor

Austin, TX 78701


PO Box 12847

Austin, TX 78711-2897

Phone: (512) 463-7476

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